Any questions about XVI32?

Every day, I receive several e-mails concerning XVI32. To ensure that I have the time for detailed answers to important questions, please keep the following rules in mind:

  1. I'm glad to hear praise, thanks and congratulations ;-) Feel free to write such mails!
  2. I will answer only questions about XVI32 itself, e.g. about its functionality, bug reports, improvement suggestions etc.
  3. I will not answer questions like "how do I use a hex editor?", "how do I edit the file XY with XVI32?" etc. Please understand that I don't have enough time to do hex editing for anybody out there. I wrote XVI32 to enable you to edit files by yourself!
  4. If you're new to hex editing, please read my introduction first.
  5. Please don't attach any files to your first mail. If I need a special file to answer your question, I will ask for it.
If your request is following these rules, feel free to contact me. Please understand that I must ignore all other inquiries.

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