XVI32: Character Conversion

Character conversion is performed using self-defined character tables. In the above example, character $C0 will be converted to $9C. Each table can be stored in a XCT file to reload it later. XVI32 comes with the following XCT files:

file nameused to convert from character setto character set
DOSWIN.XCTDOS codepage 850Windows codepage 1252
WINDOS.XCTWindows codepage 1252DOS codepage 850
WINEBCUS.XCTWindows codepage 1252EBCDIC US
EBCUSWIN.XCTEBCDIC USWindows codepage 1252
WINEBCDE.XCTWindows codepage 1252EBCDIC DE (Germany/Austria)
EBCDEWIN.XCTEBCDIC DE (Germany/Austria)Windows codepage 1252

XCT files are plain text, so you can create them also using a text editor. Just write for each character to convert a line with the hexadecimal character codes, e.g. to replace character $80 by $C7:

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