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If you're using XVI32, I would appreciate to hear your opinion! Of course, I'll not list your eMail to avoid any abuse. Read what other people have said about XVI32.

There is also the following nice story about XVI32 I received on March 25, 2002.

Congratulations on your XVI32-editor, it has found a very useful job in my work. I use files of up to 10MB, notepad or Word from Microsoft are just not comfortable for replacing 0D 0D 0A. It always leaves one 0D behind which is quite a mess.
May 5, 2000 (from ITU - International Telecommunications Union, Geneva)

Many thanks for sending me a copy of your excellent software.
May 14, 2000 (from Canada)

Pretty damn cool and can't beat the price. (...) excellent job, beats the hell out of SpyGuru's afterthought hex editor, and UltraEdit can now kiss my ass...
June 21, 2000

Very nice work, congratulations and thank you.
July 5, 2000

Hey- Thanks for the Hex editor. I was looking for a freeware one for a while, and your's is really good. Exactly how I would have made it.
July 13, 2000

I recently downloaded your hex editor component. I find it VERY useful and I need to do a project with it. I just wanted to thank you for making a great component.
July 13, 2000

Figured this may brighten your day. Your XVI32 hex editing software looked good to me... so I passed it on to one of our people here in the Boeing Aircraft and Missles division. :)
August 2, 2000

I've used your excellent hex editor for debugging image formats during the development of a freeware screensaver. Congratulations for your work.
August 21, 2000 (from Spain)

Thanks ever so much for your hex editor. It's clean, fast, and completely capable!
October 4, 2000 (from Berkeley University)

Thanks for your freeware hex editor XVI.
November 11, 2000 (from Madagascar)

Just a note that your freeware hex editor has proven very useful to me. Thanks for writing this and making it available to others!
January 6, 2001

I have been looking around for a good hex editor and I finally found yours. I like it very much! (...) Thanks again for the great software.
January 7, 2001

I downloaded your XVI32 editor yesterday and have already used it a dozentimes. I am working with large trace files and before your editor, I wasusing a unix-like TAIL command to make the files more manageable. WithXVI32, I can view the entire file and the search is incredibly fast.I am a Delphi developer myself so, kudos to you on a great utility.
January 10, 2001

Thanks again for creating this great program. And thanks also for releasing it as freeware. As a high school student, I don't have a lot of money to pay for the software I use, so I usually have to settle for freeware equivalents of software I'd rather use. But your program is top-notch, and I believe it to be better than any other program on (OR off) the market.
January 20, 2001

I found XVI very useful for my problem: I had to view a hexdump of a Compactflash memory card and rescue some stored images out of it. Thanks for offering XVI to the rest of the world for free.
February 6, 2001 (from BMW company)

Yowzer! I really like your XVI32 hex editor! It is simply one of the best hex editors on the internet! and what's more;IT'S FREE!! :-) Not even a single bug is encountered.
February 10, 2001

February 14, 2001 (a student of Technical University Brno, Czech Republic)

XVI32 is an AWESOME program. Since I downloaded it a couple of days yesterday, I have used it on numerous occasions with success; on one instance, I managed to change the default font of a program that could not be changed from menus. Thanks again or as (modern) Greeks would say "Efcharisto"
February 23, 2001 (from University of Piraeus)

I just want to thank you for your XVI v2.01 hex editor. It's just wonderful tool.
February 23, 2001 (from Bulgaria)

First, I'd like to tell you that your Hex Editor is the best that I have been able to find! Great job!!!
February 27, 2001

I have downloaded so many Hex editors and I have to say that yours has been the best one yet. It actually allows me to select a font that gives me legible characters so that I can recognise my document..
February 27, 2001

Just wanted to thank you for your editor. It was just the tool I needed for a project.
February 28, 2001

My sincere appreciation and thanks to you for this tool. It is great!
March 14, 2001 (from Austin/Texas)

I love your Hex Editor, it's one of the best one's I've seen.
March 26, 2001

Brilliant!! (...) Thank you very much for releasing this program - I understand how much work you have put into this and from one Delphi developer to another...THANKS! Your program should be on the next Delphi CD - everyone needs a good hex editor and this is the best one I have used.
April 12, 2001

Just to say: Great tool!! Thankx a lot for putting this on the web!!!!
April 17, 2001 (from Oracle/Belgium http://www.oracle.be)

It is simply the best hex/ascii editor I've ever seen.
May 15, 2001

Have been working with your editor, like it a lot. Thank you for making good software :)
May 16, 2001 (from The Netherlands)

I've been searching for some time now to get hold of a cheap and user-friendly Windows-based Hex/Text editor, mostly used for the purpose of analysing files for writing simple file-type conversions. You have my sincere congratulations and thanks for having produced such an excellent piece of freeware.
May 20, 2001 (from Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool)

Thank you so much for your free Hex Editor. I really appreciated it. A friend in Mexico City, Mexico. Gracias amigo.
May 29, 2001

Excellent job on the hex editor - and many thanks for keeping it tiny, free, and uninvolved with the registry. As one of the other users said on your site - UltraEdit can kiss my ass (Iíve never liked it anyway, and have bounced around from one mediocre freeware hex editor to another before finding xvi.) Your program is all I could ask for in a hex editor (...) Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the program - and same Iím sure goes for the other freeware on your site, although I havenít checked em out yet.
June 13, 2001 (from Illinois)

Just downloaded your Hex Editor. Exactly what I was looking for... thanks so much! Good work.
August 5, 2001

Many thanks for your superb hex application, it was a life saver.
August 7, 2001 (from Mount Isa Mines Exploration Pty Ltd, Australia)

I have been trying to Hex-view some 79Mb .exe files (...) Up to today, I wasn't able to find a free, well-made hex-editor to complete this once-off task (and one that would cope with files of this size). Then I saw some comments about XVI32, so I downloaded it and found that it does exactly what I need it to. Even simplifying the task with some scriptable searches! Nice work Christian!
September 5, 2001

Your tool was EXACTLY what me and a friend needed to reformat huge text files correctly. This XVI tool ROCKS!!! Thanks for making it! :-)
October 11, 2001 (from SPSS Inc., the major statistical software developer)

Thanks for XVI32!!! It has proved a real "project savior" altering a dataset with only a X'0A' to a X'0D0A' ... simple (in concept) but your program handled it VERY WELL and very fast and the MVS mainframe was MUCH more cooperative once XVI32 converted to data. The performance of your product has inspired me to learn a bit more about Delphi.
October 27, 2001 (from Davis Technology Partners, LLC)

I have been looking for a good hex editor on the net for a week until the XVI32 totally stopped my further searching, cuz this proggy is a killer an ultimate kick-ass tool. Millions of thanks must go to you for releasing it as freeware and for your countless efforts on it.
November 2, 2001

First off, many thanks for this program. As a software developer, the hunt for a good hex editor had continued intermittently for several years until I found XVI32. I've just today discovered the Data Inspector feature - you seem to have thought of everything.
November 13, 2001

Thanx for making such a good, simple to use and complete hex editor! Much appreciated.
December 29, 2001

I just discovered XVI32 and it is a very nice and fast hex-editor. Thank you for keeping it free for us cash strapped programmers. :)
December 30, 2001

Just a note to say THANK YOU for the FINE Hex Editor.
January 6, 2002 (from Pittsburgh, PA)

Thank you very much (Vielen vielen Dank!) for making your hexadecimal editor XVI32 available on the web. I have tried half a dozen of them and this is by far the best. People like you help make life for us ordinary computer users tolerable! Alles gute!
January 10, 2002

Your hex editor is quite the best that I have used.
January 16, 2002

I love this utility. The script function has saved me big time. I use it to add cr/lf characters to files before certain strings of characters for parsing into a database and it has worked beautifully. Thanks!
January 16, 2002

Iím very satisfied. Thank you. Finally I found editor capable to open and search huge text file (180MB) file. Excellent!
January 29, 2002 (from Latvia)

by the way. thanks again for the improvements you put in. we would not have made it without that :)
February 11, 2002 (from The Netherlands; the same sender as above on May 16, 2001)

I just wanted to say thanks, I use XVI32 all the time, it is very stable, useful, and best of all free. Great work.
February 11, 2002

Thanks very much for providing XVI32! It is very nice and useful. I was able to use it immediately without needing to consult any documentation. Also, thanks for not writing to the registry!
February 27, 2002

Thank you very much for the excellent freeware XVI32 Hex Editor. GOOD WORK!!! After half an hour I think that XVI32 will be my choice in the (near) future.
February 28, 2002 (from Denmark)

Woah! It's great this kind of software still is free! Way to go!
March 26, 2002 (from The Netherlands)

We had a big problem importing records from an old MS-DOS database into a new MS-Access database. When i used your program, it suddenly was a piece of cake. Especially the find/replace function with jokers made the job nice and easy. Thank you for this program.
April 12, 2002 (from The Netherlands)

Fantastic little HexEdit. I like it lots.
April 14, 2002 (from New Zealand)

XVI32 Rocks! I've been using it for about a year now. Never used an easier hex editor. Just dl'ed version 2.3.
May 2, 2002

Simply the best hex editor I have ever seen or used. Performance is fantastic. Edited a 120MB file in less then 15 min. Normally this takes me about an hour.
May 13, 2002 (from The Netherlands)

I have downloaded XVI32. I enjoy every minute of using it. Thank you so much for making it !
May 29, 2002 (from Great Britain)

Wow! What a great program! I've used a lot in my debugging lately and it's excellent :-)
May 30, 2002 (from Norway)

I entered "free hex editor" into Google. Needless to say I found your program, and I am now mighty impressed! It seems as though you have peered into the minds of its users, because every function I want and even some that I didn't think I needed to have are all there. Good stuff.
July 5, 2002 (from Australia)

Hi Program master from the other star, nice to use your prog, fantastic and superquickfastfastschnell.. Congratulate. And also nice - it's free!!! You did a treamendoeous job!
July 30, 2002 (from Austria)

I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you so very much for releasing your wonderful Hex Editor as freeware! I needed to find a tool to change all occurances of a linefeed 0A to LF/CR 0A0D and I needed it quickly. I downloaded SIX different shareware and freeware hex editors, and yours was the ONLY ONE to do the job both quickly and efficiently. Thank you again for giving us such a nice product.
September 9, 2002

I need to study a binary file sometimes, just to interpret simple Hex formatting and structure. XVI32 did the job from Internet search to excellent printout in 5 minutes! Superb!
October 17, 2002 (from UK)

I'm using your free hex editor. That's great job! Congratulations! Your simple application saved at least week of my work to write something like that, for sure not so nice (I'm working know on some files which I have to edit byte-to-byte).
October 18, 2002 (from Poland)

Just a quick note to say thanks for your fantastic hex editor, which has just enabled me to repair a friend's Word file for him. The only hex editor I had was the one with SynEdit, which wouldn't do what I wanted (ie change all xF0 to x00 within a given section of the file) so I did a quick Google search and downloaded yours. It only took a few minutes from installing it until the document was fixed up again; very nice program - looks good, is incredibly fast and completely intuitive to use. Thanks a million!
November 21, 2002 (from Great Britain)

The following user opinions are take from the CNET DOWNLOAD.COM web site. The average rating on a scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) was at September 4, 2001
Features:    4
Ease of Use: 5
Stability:   5

Tuzo: "2 Words"
Just great!

Anonymous: "Fab"
Small, easy to use. Just what I wanted.

Tuxtuzo: "Just what I needed"
Very easy, very powerful. Anyone looking for a good hex editor, can end his search here.

Anonymous: "Quick, Simple, Small Size Good features"
Won't touch registry, simple .exe Small size great for quick edit/ review jobs.

SteveW: "Good, simple Hex viewer/editor"
This is a great little FREE hex editor. I did not tigorously try or test all of its features. I shopped around, and downloaded a few recommended programs, tried this one, and it did what I needed it to. I did not need to try other "competitor" products. It edits files and shows you the hex just fine. I like that fact that it did not install, you just unzip it and run it from its current (anywhere you put it) location. I like the "send to" feature, too.

Apparatus: "A must have for any assembly programmer"
I am an assembly programmer and was faced with a difficult problem in which I had to replicate a specific file format. Calculating the checksum was a pain and I struggled for 3 weeks. The program solved my problem in about 20 minutes, largely due to all it's nifty features.

Eric The Green: "Best Program for Editing Medium Size Files!"
So far this is the best program for hex editing files under 25mb I've seen. It has great search capabilities. You can associate files with it. It costs no money and displays no nag screens. (...) Overall, I think its the best hex editor that doesn't cost money.

Arcanebits: "for a TRUE hacker who doest look for fancy crap"
Fast, EYE SAVING, and very small editor, a Perfect Tool...

Anonymous: "Fine for hexadecimal editing"
Downloads easily. Good for using in hexadecimal editing of large files.

Cybermage: "Excellent editor with a clean interface"

Breakfast: "You get much more than you pay for"

Anonymous: "Very good editor for those needing binary"
Nice feature is the conversion to EBCDIC or any other character set you have the mapping for.

Schnurrli: "Easy and fast"
Best thing is, that it is just executable without installation. Place the files in a directory on the server and you have it ready from all your workstations on the net.

"Great and easy to use!"
I have tried a few hex editers but this is by far the easiest! It has many features like search which makes it easy to use!

Nat: "amazing"

Anonymous: "FINALLY a freeware hex editor that can edit large files!"

Anonymous: "Powerfull & Easy to use"

Procerus: "Small but flexible and powerful hex editor"
XVI32 has allowed me to tweak recalcitrant programs to run on 98lite. It is stable, easy-to-use and flexible. What especially enamoured me of the program is that it has no install routine. Simply copy it to a folder and run it as required. It makes no changes to the system registry and doesn't copy any files to system folders. It's good and it's free. Go for it!

Ron: "Great free hex editor!"

Ash: "Nice piece of work"
I have worked with other Hex editors, but this seems to be the best, it doesn't take forever to load files, nor do I have any problem operating it, I got used to using it the first time i tried. (...) I have never seen such a good application that is well designed and bug free!

Anonymous: "A highly customizable user-friendly freeware hex editor"
Dollar for dollar, this may be the best hex editor on the market. I don't know, though, because when I try to divide the value (lots) by the price ($0 American/$0.00 Canadian), my computer yells at me. Still, this hex editor did everything I needed it to, and it was a snap to catch on to. Lots of features, it lets you run multiple instances, a smooth ride. (...) Cute name, too.

Anonymous: "Powerful and Simple"
That is what the hex editor that I am looking for: 1. free 2. powerful 3. small in size 4. easy to use

Anonymous: "Excellent"
Excellent... the best of the best

Anonymous: "One of the best Win32 Freeware hex editors"
I looked at many different (free and non-free) hex editors. This is the one I chose to keep. Excellent program.

Mr. Bigglesworth: "A great editor... and it's FREE!"
It's true what they say, the best things in life are free. This is the most function Hex Editor I have ever seen. It has all of the features I need, and a whole lot more. Big thumbs up.

John Graybill: "Small, efficient, highly effective hex editor"
Clean, neat, efficient, easy-to-use, highly effective hex editor. No DLL's so no installation problems. Has a great help facility with to-the-point, useful info. I grinned when I read "little-endian", "big-endian" explanation as related to Data Inspector.

Duki: "Small, powerful, intelligent"
Does exactly what an Hex Editor has to do. No "additional features" (Word, HTML, PowerPoint, C++) - just Hex Editor with good tools. Small, no installation.

KP: "Does just what it says"
I stripped nulls and performed some other editing on a 250MB file in about 3 minutes. Most text editors wouldn't load the file in under 5 or 10 minutes.

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