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CSV2Code was developed to automate a tedious task: to generate code from records in CSV format. The following animation shows the concept of this tool:

CSV2Code simplifies writing the code template, because it reads the CSV header beforehand and provides a context menu to insert field names and field value placeholders in several styles. In addition, the context menu has a special menu item to add all fields/field value placeholders with a single mouse click.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the author.


Details The typically created code is [Top]



Example 1: SQL

The following tab-separated records are given:

1MaasChristiandeveloper of CSV2Code10
3SmithJackJack's the greatest20

Template used:
UPDATE tblEmployees SET Department_ID = @@Department_ID@@ WHERE ID = @@ID@@

Generated SQL code:
UPDATE tblEmployees SET Department_ID = 10 WHERE ID = 1
UPDATE tblEmployees SET Department_ID = 20 WHERE ID = 2
UPDATE tblEmployees SET Department_ID = 20 WHERE ID = 3


Example 2: CSV reordering and suppressing columns

CSV records:
1;Maas;Christian;"developer of CSV2Code";10;#defdef
3;Smith;Jack;"Jack's the greatest";20;#defdef

To create a CSV file with only three columns (LastName, Comment, ID), we can use the following template (note that you could also change the separator):

Generated CSV records:
Maas;developer of CSV2Code;1
Smith;Jack's the greatest;3



CSV2Code is a 32 bit application and requires Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8. No special installation procedure is required, i.e. CSV2Code is a portable application. Simply create a directory (e.g. C:\CSV2Code or C:\PortableApps\CSV2Code) for CSV2Code and unzip all files of the archive into this directory.

No data will be written into the registry, no DLLs are copied to your hard disk. The user defined settings are stored in two files (INI and TPL) which are located in the same directory as the executable.

To uninstall CSV2Code, simply remove the complete folder.



The archive file contains the following files:

The currrent version 1.02 contains a bugfix (in 1.01, an empty field at the end of a line wasn't properly handled - the value of the previous field was used).

Before downloading CSV2Code, you have to accept my license and disclaimer agreement.

Download CSV2Code release 1.02 here (532 KB ZIP archive).


CSV2Code is freeware. However, if you like this tool, want to appreciate my work, and/or support the development, I would be pleased to receive a donation from you via PayPal. The suggested amount to donate is US$ 15 or 10 EUR. However, any amount, higher or lower, is appreciated.
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